Blue Skies Equine Veterinary Services is proud to offer our clients many different imaging capabilities, all of which are portable for use in the field. Our practice is equipped with:

  • Digital Radiography (X-rays) which is used for evaluating bones, joints, and bone alignment inside of a horse’s hooves.  Our wireless unit instantly produces detailed digital x-rays right at your horse’s side.
  • Ultrasound is most commonly used to evaluate tendon and ligament injuries, but ultrasound can also be used to exam other structures such as a horse’s lungs and abdominal organs.
  • Reproductive ultrasound is used for tracking a mare’s estrous cycle and then confirming and monitoring pregnancy.
  • Endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure in which a thin flexible tube with a light and camera is used to evaluate structures such as the nasal passages, throat, and upper airway.


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